Sunday, November 28, 2010


My title for my movie poster is “Renaissance Of Smoke”. I choose this title because I want to make people interest with my movie. When I choose the title it’s little bit hard because I want make people interest with my movie, I must choose the title to make people want to watch my movie.

When I writing my taglines, it’s difficult because I must choose the taglines to make the taglines match to the picture and people when read my taglines interest to my movie and want to watch my movie.

My first tagline is “Freedom From Smoke” I choose that because smoke make people become sick, so I decided to make my tagline “Freedom From Smoke” if they didn’t smoke, they will live healthy.  My second tagline is “Living Bad Health” I choose that because smoke can make people become bad, the smokers will become not healthy.

I choose the picture because it matches with the both of the taglines.  The difficult part of this unit were the poster and make the blurb because we must make the poster as good as possible to make people want to watch our movie. If the blurb we must summaries the information that we found, and make by my own word.  

The easy parts of this unit were emotive language because we just change the word, become emotive language. We can make people want to watch our movie, we influence them with the word and they will watch the movie. I like this unit because I can know and learn more about emotive language.  

Secondhand Smoke

Vinyl chloride, cadmium, benzene, arsenic, and ethylene oxide: Do you know that secondhand smoke contains at least 250 chemicals known to be toxic, including more than 50 that can cause cancer and heart attack. Indonesia is one of the biggest countries with parent smoke along with their children. Miserable with the secondhand smoke in Indonesia makes us to care with our children future. Imagine your child die because of Cancer? Indonesia getting more frustrated with this issue.  Have you ever think effect of secondhand smoke on children? Do you ever care the innocent children die because ETS? Know not enough without ACTS.

Check this video out to find more about Secondhand smoke to make parent know and we will educate people that think that ETS can’t causes cancer until DEATH, they not even believe, so our hope are in your hands. Make people think. Make people care and make people understand what happenings if this continue more.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


hi everyone, my name is Oribel. I am student at Sinarmas World Academy. I like to listening music, I hear all music that I have in my blackberry, my laptop, and my iPod. My hobbies are swimming, playing omgpop, shopping, and I like to hangout with my friends.